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Music at a Time of Penitence

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 05:45am on 18th February 2017
Promote prayer, fasting, and charity in your choice and presentation of Lenten music Be restrained musically during Lent to reflect the penitential nature of the season Where possible, introduce during Lent pieces to repeat during the Triduum During Lent, carefully chosen music helps Catholics deepen their experience of this transformative season.  Hymns such...

The helper and the helped, the blessing and the blessed

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 01:10am on 1st June 2016
Many human encounters clearly delineate between one who helps and another being helped.  The ‘helping professions’ insist that helpers shouldn’t reveal any personal information to those they help, thus maintaining an image of themselves as strong and capable, so those in need of help receive adequate and appropriate care.  But...

Who shows mercy?

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 11:17am on 28th May 2016
How have you heard about the Year of Mercy?  Who has told you about it?  Where have you experienced it?  I wouldn’t be surprised if your answer was: mainly from priests and in Confession, since many parishes have observed the Year of Mercy by providing more access to the Sacrament...


by Frances Novillo
Posted at 03:26am on 9th March 2016
Training liturgical ministers, I invite participants to reflect on images around the church where Christ is held, embraced or cradled, since when distributing Communion or proclaiming the Word, ministers will likewise be holding Christ.  A statue of St Joseph might depict Jesus as an eager, lively toddler, while by contrast,...

But ...

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 07:24am on 31st October 2014
But …   Dudley Moore and Peter Cook drew much humour from the shortest, simplest words: Not Only … But Also.  The phrase might also be adopted for theological purposes to explain simply the mystery of the incarnation of Christ – not only human, but also divine.  ‘But’ is a key preposition...

Need, not greed

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 00:46am on 3rd March 2014
Need is painful, and easier to hide than to admit to others.  It becomes shameful, wrongly equated with failure and sin.  However, the liturgy is formed to accommodate need, even depend on it, in order to celebrate a Saviour who emptied himself to know first-hand the neediness of the human...

Celebrity Culture

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 03:17am on 28th January 2013
Summer 2012 added many sports stars to the ranks of popular celebrities, a canon which includes the brilliant and talented alongside people accused of being famous for doing nothing.  Jesus was not a celebrity.  He did not seek out the acclaim of huge crowds nor was he universally supported, even...

Live to tell the tale

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 04:50am on 11th January 2013
At Cecil Sharpe House, home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, I met a professional story-teller.  As she told me about her craft, I appreciated within it similarities with my ministry as a cantor.  Both animate the assembly with time-honoured words, engaging the people in listening again, and...
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