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Videos for Cantors

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 14:27pm on 13th January 2018
In these three videos, I introduce and explain the role of the Cantor. Full of useful tips for both new and experienced cantors. 1) The role of the Cantor in liturgy 2) The particular responsibilities of the Cantor 3) The practicialities of choosing and introducing music for the Mass


by Frances Novillo
Posted at 03:26am on 9th March 2016
Training liturgical ministers, I invite participants to reflect on images around the church where Christ is held, embraced or cradled, since when distributing Communion or proclaiming the Word, ministers will likewise be holding Christ.  A statue of St Joseph might depict Jesus as an eager, lively toddler, while by contrast,...

Celebrity Culture

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 03:17am on 28th January 2013
Summer 2012 added many sports stars to the ranks of popular celebrities, a canon which includes the brilliant and talented alongside people accused of being famous for doing nothing.  Jesus was not a celebrity.  He did not seek out the acclaim of huge crowds nor was he universally supported, even...
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