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Need, not greed

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 00:46am on 3rd March 2014
Need is painful, and easier to hide than to admit to others.  It becomes shameful, wrongly equated with failure and sin.  However, the liturgy is formed to accommodate need, even depend on it, in order to celebrate a Saviour who emptied himself to know first-hand the neediness of the human...

Day by Day, These Things I Pray - an interview with Margaret Rizza

by Frances Novillo
Posted at 12:25pm on 13th December 2013
Margaret Rizza’s new collection Officium Divinum blends together some of her existing popular pieces with new compositions suitable for singing prayer throughout the day. It’s versatile and relevant even in places where the Divine Office isn’t prayed collectively and formally. The Gloria derives from her Mass of St Benedict, and...
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